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"La Marina"

On this page you will find photos of the circus aerialist, "La Marina".
La Marina performed suspended over forty feet above the ground

Hanging only by her hair.

Marina diaz fuerza de pelocircus artist marina diaz

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Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Marina Diaz has appeared with some of the largest circuses, touring throughout North, Central and South America including;

Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus

Hoxie Bros. Circus

Circo Atayde

Circo Frank Brown

Pan American Circus

Lewis Bros Circus

Marina Diaz hair hangMarina Diaz hanging by her hairMarina Diaz on the spanish web

Circus La Performer Marina

Marina Diaz con Circo AtaydeMarina on Clyde Beatty Cole Bros

La Marina hanging by her hairCircus Hair hang 2

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